Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My first full week

So I jumped into my first full week at ILCM yesterday. More like dove into it. Yesterday was pretty mellow, I did some follow-up stuff from my cases that I had over the semester, had a pot-luck lunch with the people here, which happened to fall on my first day (I never say no to free food). Because I was still waiting to hear back from some potential clients I didn't have much to do. I also helped Cindy with some clients she had down in Worthington when she was there last week. I did send out letters a few weeks ago to potential clients and one of them followed up rather quickly. He speaks Amharic, he is from Ethiopia and does not speak much English. But, that didn't stop him from leaving a message on Cindy's voicemail for me (in Amharic except for the beginning where he said, "I need an Amharic translator" in rather clear English). Just as Cindy was telling me about the message, our receptionist came in and told me that the Amharic-speaking client was waiting to see me. I get the impression that he wants to start working on his case as soon as possible. Since we don't have an Amharic translator on hand, I had to frantically figure out what to do. But, the problem did get solved, our volunteer translator was able to come in later in the morning and he helped translate beautifully.

So, I spent most of the morning figuring out how to do an I-130, which is an immigration petition for family members of US citizens or Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs). He wants to file them for his children who are currently living in Kenya. It is a very sad story, and I can't help but feel bad for him and his kids. They seem to have been through a lot. This is going to be a very tough case because of various issues with prior petitions and some other related issues. But, as Cindy said, might as well get the hard ones out of the way because after this case, I-130s should be a breeze. Great. Fortunately, everyone who works here is helpful, so I can ask all the questions I want. And, I do like tackling the hard stuff first. More to follow!

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